The Rush Hour (on MONEY 105.5 FM)

The Rush Hour (on MONEY 105.5 FM)

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This exciting show will feature expert guests who will be sharing the secrets of building a successful business.  Branding tips from the Solutions4Life Community with Jane Taff, Kathy Fairbanks, Katherine Gerardi, Cami Ferry, and Deidre Trudeau.

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THIS WEEK on Friday, 11/06/2015:

 Key up this month with incredible GRATITUDE.  A great discussion and focus on Gratitude.  This is the month where people will be focused on being grateful.  We will have a volunteer from Shen Yun, who will be sharing about the freedom we enjoy here in the states.

On the Asian and the Blonde, we will continue with our discussion about why people stereotyype.  

Regarding our FINANCE & ROMANCE, find out the difference between LOVE and ROMANCE and also HOW TO RECEIVE LOVE.  You will be given some great tips to prepare for the holidays.

Finally,, we will have Decca-Millionaire Jim Stovall and Kathy Fairbanks the corporate representative from Klemmer & Associates discuss the key to being successful and building a sustainable business.

10/30/2015: You will hear from Greg Frucci, a published author that is part of the Young President's Organzation (YPO).  

We will be highlighting a special segment on Transformation and Movement in our Senior Moments with Katherine Gerardi.

On the "ASIAN & THE BLONDE" we continue our discussion on "Why Blondes Have More Fun" with Cami Ferry.

"FINANCE & ROMANCE" continues some tips on why Gold is so important when it comes to money and also helping you spice up your life and romance our guest Mai Vu presents some special tips.

Money & Business advice from Jim T. Chong and also special guest Dwayne Redmon, the former Vice President of Finance for the Golden State Warriors.

10/23/2015:  The unveiling of RUSH HOUR for SUCCESS. 

GRATITUDE Section with Edwin Edebiri CEO of the IAM Happy Project and Happy Neighborhood Project.

SENIOR MOMENTS continuing a discussion with the Founder of SafeIDTrust, Brian Mcclane and why this national ID theft issue devastates people.

ASIAN & THE BLONDE section where Cami Ferry shares "Why Blondes Have More Fun"!

FINANCE & ROMANCE highlighting the importance of romance and how to spice it up with Mai Vu, International Relationship Coach Consultant on this new intriguing section.

Money advice from Jim T. Chong

Tips from the Solutions4Life community on Health, Wealth, & Self Care.

10/02/2015 - Interviewed is special guest Terry Surrency of (a turbo charged prescription drug advocacy program), Identity theft is addressed as well as a section on growing yourself and your business with Kathy Fairbanks of Klemmer & Associates. Also, the foundation of a successful financial plan. Highlighted solutions include SafeIDTrust by Lynn Hashbach.

09/25/2015 - A section on gratitude and Mary Nicholson, founder of Healings In Motion which is an 8 year non-profit organization in San Joaquin County,as well as Senior Moments with Theresa Johnson of California Senior Services and whiy preparing is so important.  Information on why it is important to prepare financially and a short synopsis on why insurance is so important. "The Asian & The Blonde" with a focus on "Building a dream" with the vision of a performing arts center by Cami Ferry.  An update on current sports with the $ports Guy & Media Man.

09/18/2015 - A special section Forever Forward Productions for business videos & filming, a shout out to Sean Bocardo and those that have participated in the 10x10, By popular demand, a re-airing of Jim Stovall's MONEY section. An update on current sports with the Sports Guy and Media Man.  Business Tip by Jane Taff, health tip by Cami Ferry. Commercials for Topsy Turvey's Flying Circus Improv Troupe.

09/11/2015 - THE DEBUT SHOW IN SACRAMENTO!  A special section focused on honoring the veterans with Chris Lambert and Deidre Trudeau.  Special Guest deca-millionaire Jim Stovall who highlights the essential practices and mindset of building a business. Also, introducing "The Asian & The Blonde". An update on current sports events, Special health & business tips from the Solutions4Life community, Highlighted Solluitions/Services Topsy Turvy's Improv Troupe.