Cosmopolitan Group


Owned and operated by Children Of Light Ministries, LLC



Our founder believes that the greatest resources for any person lies within the people they are willing to network 


The Cosmopolitan Group (CG) is a community action- resource management agency created by Garry Callis, Sr., in 1996. The purpose of the Cosmopolitan Group is to creatively assemble like-minded business people into organized community-based action groups that have broad voices to inspire equity, justice and community support. The CG has the ability to network and manage a variety of resources, in the community and online, into a viable servicable product that benefits CG group members, children in need and their families, CG vendors and patrons of CG sponsored community-based programs.


The Cosmopolitan Group can help expand your business’ marketing or promotional capabilities... taking them to the next level. With over 20 years of experience, in resource management and armed with an expert team of graphic designers, web designers, marketers, promoters, sales consultants, videographers, printers and sign fabricators, the CG can handle any of your marketing or promotional needs. Could your business use our help?




 The Cosmopolitan Group specializes in intergrating cutting edge mobile technology (Mobile Websites, Text Marketing, and Social Media Interaction) into traditional marketing platforms to create unique marketing strategies to retain your current loyal base while attracting new customers to increase your bottom line at a low cost.







When you combine our awareness of community needs, our understanding of the changing world of mobile technology, social media intergration and our access to a variety of marketing and promotional products, the Cosmopolitan Group has established an unique perspective on how to

  • transform you or your business' branding scope & landscape 
  • augment your business' marketing capabilities
  • increase your personal or professional product/service portfolio significantly, while providing vital support for our community programs.



The Cosmopoilitan Group can help enhance your organization's or business' efficiency, with the potential for enormous upswing and provide consumer benefits, using our creative marketing strategies and promotions.




The Cosmopolitan Group can help increase your personal or business' capabilities by providing:


  • Provide vital mobile tools and mobile intergration
  • Create Sales Team "Street Teams" for door-to door sales, flyer distribution,surveys, ect. (Branded or Unbranded)
  • Provide mobile web design, graphic design and print services
  • Provide innovative networking opportunities with other business owners that could enhance business 
  • Create unique marketing strategies
  • Provide access to a wealth of other resourses, products and services to increase your productivity





The Cosmopolitan Group has created a 1-of-a- kind atmosphere where businesses, nonprofits and the people of the community can all benefit mutually when they support our community-based programs. When your business joins our provider network you gain access to a myriad of products and services as well as give your business increased exposure. Our network provider listing is texted to patrons supporting our community youth groups monthly.

Owned and operated by Children Of Light Ministries, LLC.