W.E. Business In Box


WiNovativ Enterprises (W.E.), as a resource management agency can create and provide innovative concepts and solutions for our clients and members that can make their lives easier. Our services incorporates innovative networking, access to a wealth of products and services, relevant training programs, workshops, creative marketing concepts & solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals. If you need it...W.E. can make it happen.


The W.E. "BUSINESS IN A BOX" is a dream come true for first time business owners or those looking to expand their current business' capabilities.



W.E. BUSINESS IN A BOX (ONLY $699.95 and 39.95/mo.)

Typically, most people hate running around pulling together all the resources necessary to start a successful business.  W.E. offers our BUSINESS IN A BOX as your 1-STOP SHOP solution to end our clients or members business woes. It includes:

  • 3-Page Mobile Website
  • 2HR Graphic Design
  • Custom Domain Name
  • 1yr. Site Hosting
  • Custom Business Email 
  • Monthly Site Maintenance
  • SMS Marketing Package
  1. Custom Keyword
  2. QR Code
  3. 250 Outbound Texts/mo.
  4. Custom POS Kiosk
  • Establish Cloud Storage
  • Establish Custom Mobile Business Line
  • Establish Business Bank or Credit Union Account (If you qualify)
  • Establish Paypal Account
  • 100 Custom Business Cards
  • Access to low-cost legal services
  • Establish Merchant Services Account
  • Training Seminars 
  • Networking Events
  • Access to Printing Services
  • Access to Signage and Banners



W.E. can help you establish your businesses brand from logo design to creating a national marketing campaign. W.E. can also assist individuals in finding that perfect money making opportunity they have been looking for.



W.E. can handle all of your printing needs from design to fabrication. Banners, business cards, postcards and posters used in conjuction with our mobile service will show an increase in ROI in no time


Our staff of creative developers and designers can give your brand the look it needs to compete with the big boys, at prices you can afford. W.E. can handle all of your printing needs, as well as, handle your virtual presence (i.e. websites and social media marketing). 


One of our TOP products...Streaming Movie Box, watch all of your favorite anytime you want. Reduce or eliminate your cable bill. No Monthly Charges!!!



W.E. also has the ability to create complete sales forces to market products or services for your business. W.E. can have your street marketing team up and running in no time.The reps are hired by us, report to us, are trained by us, and are managed by us but promote, distribute and sell products or services from companies who have contracted with us.






Our clients can choose branded or non-branded representation which means the potential customers see the image of the client rather than WINovativ, however, in many cases, our business clients join our " DMWTW NETWORK".  The DMWTW NETWORK allows our clients products or services to become part of a huge portifolio, that our reps can promote and market. When making presentations to potential customers, in the general public our reps are trained and armed with several products at their disposal. Your product can be one of them.


Together....W.E. can make it happen!!!




This type of cross brand marketing gives our reps several products to offer instantly at the POS and offers our DMWTW NETWORK partners the opportunity to have their product introduced and potentially sold by someone they don't have on staff.


Our partners are well trained, once they are at the door of a home or business with one product, they can create a need for other products, in their arsenal.


Mobile Marketing...Our most explosive, versitle product availible for anyone interested in taking their marketing or image to the virtual world through mobile devices. This product pays the highest commission  and positions are only available to our most experience reps and graduates of our graphic design training program.


Our commitment to our reps, partners and our clients are long-term, in nature, in every case and sense. W.E. is dedicated to providing great opportunities for our reps and provide well trained, clean and courteous reps for our clients.




W.E. is innovative and specializes in providing both with outstanding resources, creative concepts and viable effective solutions to either make money, save money or both – the reasons our clients want us to represent them and those looking for opportunities want to come on board with us.