Cosmocom Telecommunications Mobile Marketing Solutions


Mobile Marketing is no longer just for big companies.  With Cosmocom Telecommunications, small to medium sized businesses can have access to the same mobile marketing technology and capabilities as the "BIG BOYS".

Cosmocom Telecommunications can provide top-noctch marketing services at prices that won't break the bank. We offer text marketing services, mobile websites, graphics, printing, signs, promotional items.....almost anything you will need to establish your brand to get your business moving.



To get started, you simply choose a KEYWORD that identifies your company or campaign.

Your customers and prospects then send a text message with your keyword to one of our short codes (72727, 63975) to opt-in to your campaign.


When our application receives an incoming text to your keyword, the sender's receives your auto responded text message and their mobile number is stored in your database for future marketing or notifications. \\\\\\\\


Our Mobile Marketing service is simply the easiest and most inexpensive way to integrate text messaging into your business!


Cosmocom Telecommunications provides solutions to help augment every marketing initiative your company is running.  From loyalty programs, that encourage to repeat business to NEW customer acquistion strategies. We have solutions that you can afford and quickly show a great ROI.  


Integrating mobile marketing into tradition marketing platforms such as radio, print, outdoor, flyers, or even event marketing will help you build databases of customers you can remarket to with mobile marketing and drive new transactions.  Capturing current or propective clients into databases will provide you with the ability to market to them over the course of a year (or more) and drive additional transactions creating top-line revenue increases.  See more about our various solutions below;