Discount Mall Without The Walls


Owned, organized and operated by Children Of Light Ministries LLC





The Discount Mall Without The Walls (DMWTW) is a members-only, community-based buying group that was created in 1996, by Founder/Owner Garry M. Callis, Sr.. Today, the DMWTW serves as the fund-raising engine behind two related community-based programs (The Children Of Light  and the REAL DEAL LIFE SKILLS Readiness Program).



The DMWTW is a virtual shopping mall (designed specifically for  mobile devices) displaying "store front ads" of local and online merchants and service providers offering discounts, when applicable, or special access to members presenting a  DMWTW Membership Card.

The major advantages of the DMWTW:

  • DMWTW HAS MEMBERSHIP CARDS to identify each member (VIRTUAL  DMWTW CARDS are availble within this site if hard card is lost or for ease of use ), offering access to services and discounts from merchants, service providers in DMWTW NETWORK 
  • DMWTW is a virtual mall and not limited by space.
  • The DMWTW NETWORK grows weekly.
  • DMWTW MALL DIRECTORY is texted to members mobile devices at POS and monthly for DMWTW MALL DIRECTORY or updates
  • DMWTW MEMBERSHIP grows weekly. 
  • Businesses can have custom DMWTW STOREFRONTS, to attract "shoppers", built within the virtual mall containing ads, videos, maps and more.
  • Access to DMWTW discounts are for MEMBERS ONLY
  • DMWTW is opitimized for mobile devices offering easy access for patrons 
  • Contains the EXPLODE Magazine





The Chilren Of Light and the REAL DEAL LIFE SKILLS, Readiness Program teach children, manners, respect and responsible-decision making, as well as, provide job readiness training for young adults. The Discount Mall Without The Walls allows these awesome programs to have a unique opportunity to raise money, but also has benefits for local businesses and supporters. The DMWTW DISCOUNT CARD is…The ULTIMATE Discount Card for the community. A TRUE WIN -WIN FOR EVERYONE!!!


Benefits for Participants

  • A program backed by local businesses and the community
  • An opportunity to "MAKE MONEY" as an incentive to stay on track in school while learning crucial "soft" social skills
  • Opportunity to use skills taught in the classroom in public
  • Opportunity for advancement
  • Opportunity to work in a team environment
  • Opportunity to help others


Benefits for Patrons

  • Opportunity to support a GREAT program for children and young adults
  • Low Cost (Only $5 per year)
  • Opportunity to save money instantly from business offers printed on the back of the DMWTW Discount Card
  • DMWTW Virtual Card within site (Press Customer Service Tab to call for password)
  • Receive a convienient text monthly containing a link to DMWTW Mall Directory where they can save even more money shopping within our network. DMWTW Mall Directory is updated monthly

Benefits for Merchants

  • LOW COST Advertising. DMWTW Mall Directory is texted to 5000+ prospective customers monthly- $160 per year ($3.12/wk)
  • Reach potential new customers
  • Promotes repeat business
  • Logo and name recognition
  • Access to our team of graphic designers
  •  Access to custom printing and signage
  • Access to a wide range of insurance and fiancial products for your business, family and employees
  • And much more 


The DMWTW gets the entire community involved to support the Children Of Light and the REAL DEAL LIFE SKILLS, Readiness Program. The DMWTW Discount Card™ is the size of a standard credit card. The back side features discounts with local merchants who have agreed to participate in the program. A link to the DMWTW Mall Directory is texted to patrons, at the time of purchase and monthly for updates.