About The Children Of Light Foundation

Helping others LIVE a better LIFE....LIVING their DREAMS


Mission Statement

The Children Of Light Foundation is dedicated to the positive advancement of today’s inner city youth, their families and the community, at large, by strategically networking, cultivating the necessary resources and facilitating relevant programs that will guide them to the road of prosperity, self sufficiency and ignite an entrepreneurial spirit within them.


The Children Of Light Foundation is a non-profit organization 509(a)(2) that serves as a bridge between the families in the community and the wide range of resources and services that may be available to them. There are many organizations that do great things in the inner city. However, there are very few organizations that actually work on the ground floor providing programs and resouces for students and their families.


The Children Of Light Foundation can logistically manage the resources of community leaders, school administrators, city agencies, local businesses and other non-profits to create a pipeline that can better assist those in need. The Children Of Light Foundation has the ability to isolate issues that plague the children and families in our inner-city communities and work to effectively resolve them.


  • Children Of Light Ministries LLC -A non-denominational community-based ministry that creates and facilitates programs and services for the spiritual healing of our communities. Children Of Light Ministries operates and facilitates the Children Of Light /Real Deal Life Skills Readiness Program that teaches children manners, respect and responsible decision making, as well as provide job readiness training for young adults.
  • Eastend Community Parent Teachers Organization-Advocates for the schools within the City Of Richmond’s Eastend without operating PTA’s.
  • Discount Mall Without The Walls- A cohesive network of businesses that support the efforts of the Children Of Light Ministries.



Violence and disrespect towards self and others are leading to a raise in suspension rates and arrests for youth around the country. Our young people seem to have no sense of consequence and give little thought for the value of a good education. These variables, coupled with classroom overcrowding and budget cuts, make for an almost impossible learning environment.


Suspension has often been the main punishment for violators of school policies and rules. Though suspensions may offer a quick fix, it will not remedy the underlying issues causing on-going deviate behavior patterns. In some cases, suspensions may actually cause more harm than good.


With the high pace of the SOL, students suspended repetitively, may fall through the cracks and never catch up and remain disruptive elements throughout their scholastic careers. Unfortunately, many of these young people end up in the penal system or worse.


The Children Of Light/Real Deal Life Skills Readiness Program is intended to present its participants with the essential life skills, coping techniques, relevant training and vital information that will guide them onto the road to success, as well as, becoming well-rounded, functional members of our competitive global society.


The objective of the Children Of Light/Real Deal Life Skills Readiness Program is to help develop the soft social skills and positive decision-making of our participants. Our participants will gain the discipline and confidence to be successful in the classroom and most social settings. This program is designed to teach children manners, respect and responsible decision-making; raise self-esteem, promote teamwork and fair play, as well as, deterring most defiant and abusive behavior patterns. Activities include; interactive lectures and open conversations, role playing, reading exercises, guest speakers, field trips, anger management and coping exercises.


Most participants of the COL/RDLS Readiness Program will have the opportunity to assist in our fund raising efforts In doing so, they are compensated *monetarily. However, the compensation can be fined for participant’s failure to follow COL/RDLS Rules and Expectations (*Monetary compensation from this program is never to be construed as “pay” but rather an incentive of the COL/RDLS program. (See COL/RDLS Infraction List).
The Children Of Light/Real Deal Life Skills Readiness Program has 8-Sections that can be augmented to fit any size group. Schools or organizations may select which selections they would prefer covered.

1. Basic Manners
2. Respecting Yourself & Others (Where’s the Love)
3. Accepting Responsibility for Self and Your Community
4. Making The Good Impression ( Learning the Art Of Small Talk)
5. Attitude Adjustment (How To Maintain A Positive Mental Attitude)
6. Telephone Etiquette & Basic Customer Service
7. Get You Elbows Off The Table (Basic Table Etiquette)
8. Money Management


Each section is intended to raise our participant’s awareness of themselves and increase their positive outlook and encourage respect for others. COL/RDLS participants will also find the benefits of good decision making and gain the confidence that comes from knowing how to engage in most social settings. The COL/RDLS curriculum is based on the book The Youth’s Educator for Home and Society (Being a manual of correct deportment for boys and girls as well as for teens who have been denied privileges and benefits arising from social intercourse, with choice chapters upon kindred topics) written by Mrs. Anna R. White in 1896. The COL/RDLS program was created for youth ages 9-16. However, we have found that older teens and even adults can benefit from the information that the “Readiness” program provides.