The GAME CHANGER Initiative
The Children Of Light (an Official Partner of Richmond Public Schools) and TopGolf are proud to present the 1st GAME CHANGER Tournament.
What happens when an innovative TopGolf tournament is devised that partners 72 energetic high school juniors and seniors with 72 awesome people, within their community, interested in playing a positive role in the proper education and futures of our children? IT BECOMES A GAME CHANGER!
The purpose of the GAME CHANGER Tournaments are to expose Richmond Public School students to new experiences and awesome people that can introduce them to an array of career paths and opportunities available to them now and once they graduate.  
A GAME CHANGER is just that. A GAME CHANGER is an extraordinary person that is; a business owner, an executive, a manager, a teacher, a minister, HR personnel, a police officer, an entrepreneur, a public servant, a college recruiter, a fire fighter, an artist, a military recruiter, a retiree, a farmer, a person like you.
Anyone willing to offer our students encouragement, advice or the benefit of their experience, mentoring, potential employment or share other career opportunities, in a safe, fun, competitive environment can BECOME A GAME CHANGER.
Each Team will consist of 6-people including three (3) GAME CHANGERS and (3) Richmond Public School students. GAME CHANGERS will create their individual team name and remain with their team during the tournament. 
During the GAME CHANGER TopGolf Tournament each team will play three (3) rounds. Each player must place 20 balls on the green per round. Students will switch teams after each round.
The Team and the Student with the highest combined scores will win 1st Place Awards. 2nd and 3rd Place prizes will also be awarded. Scores will be posted on the LEADER BOARD at all times.
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