Psalm 91 Contest Introductions



The Bread for Life Transformation Center (TBLTC) has been inspired by The Word of God, The Love of Jesus Christ, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lunch a Psalms 91 Campaign
for youth between the ages of 5 and 19. Each day the attacks of the enemy are increasing and the only answer is The word of God, The Blood of Jesus, and The guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We the church through the blood of Jesus have the power, and the authority to destroy all the works of devil. We know through the Word of God that we are in a Spiritual Warfare and we who are spirit beings must fight in the Spirit. We know that God will not do anything on this
earth unless man ask him to and we must ask according to His Word In Faith and Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.

The purpose of this campaign is to inspire and encourage Youth to have a hearing heart for the Word of God and to open their mouth and speak the Word of God to every attack of the enemy. By memorizing, meditating and speaking Gods Word in Faith will cause them to win in every situation the enemy brings in their life.

TBLTC, ultimate goal is for youth to feed their hearts with the Word of God. Trust the Holy Spirit to help them understand, and give them the boldness to speak God's Promises in Faith. Jesus the Word of God is God's Love Language. Jesus commanded us to take Holy Communion in remembrance of Him, God promised that if we call on Him, He will answer. The finale of the campaign will be a culmination of, Psalm 91, understand Jesus came to cover us to protect; Prayer, to invite Jesus to intervene on our behalf; and partake of the Holy Communion, to put God in remembrance of His Son. Jesus came bleed and died in obedience to His Father God.

When God see our unified act of Love for Jesus His Son, our Faith in the blood of Jesus, and trust in Holy Spirit we will see His Salvation.

God promised He will deliver us that includes Covid-19. We can't depend on man to find the answer. The Blood of Jesus is the answer and God will not let man have His Glory. So let's all join together Worshiping, and Honoring God by putting Him in remembrance of His Beloved Son Jesus our Savior and Lord.


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