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Do you know PSALM 91 from memory? Are you willing to let the world hear you recite it with Fervor, Conviction and Power?
Well, NOW is your Opportunity!


The Bread for Life Transformation Center
705 South Gordon Road Mableton GA 30126
Psalm 91 Challenge Video Contest

The Bread for Life Transformation Center (BFLTC) has been inspired by The Word of God to launch a Psalm 91 Challenge for youth ages 5 through 19. This is an open invitation to all who believe in our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

The entry period began on February 7, 2021, and ends at 12 midnight July 25, 2021.


The Bread for Life Transformation Center is presenting this opportunity to all youth that desire to activate their God giving right to be protected from danger and reign in life as they dwell in The Secret Place of The Most High.

The purpose for the Psalm 91 Challenge is to inspire and motivate youth to have a hunger for The Word of God. Feeding on The Word of God with a Hearing Heart is a Faith builder. When they mediate on The Word of God Wisdom will manifest and they will open their mouth and speak The Word of God with authority and the enemy has no power but to flee.

The challenge is to memorize all of Psalm 91. Before you begin pray asking God for divine wisdom and creative ideals for your video presentation.

Once you are satisfied with your winning performance send video to: Each video will be evaluated for authenticity, creativity and presentation.

The Bread for Life Transformation Center will be awarding each of the first 100 qualified contestants in each of the five age group categories:


$100.00. The second round winners will receive

$500.00 the 3rd round winner will receive

$1,000.00 and the final winner will receive

$1,500.00. Only winners from the first level will be eligible to compete for the 2nd, 3rd, and finale level challenges.


For more information, visit Psalm 91 Video Contest or visit: or

You can upload your video now from your mobile device until midnight July 25, 2021.

Our Psalm 91 Challenge gives youth an incentive to remember this powerful Psalm, while participating with others in their age group who are up to the challenge. Everyone's a winner because they chose to sit in The Secret Place of The Most High. Because they are demonstrating their love for God will honor their faithfulness far above any monetary award.

For additional questions email


The Secret Place of The Most High, is where the Believer is justified by Faith in Jesus Christ and delivered from the Law

Contestant Age Group Category:


Contestants are divided into the following categories.

1. Ages 5 to 7 $100.00 to first 100 qualified youths.

2. Ages 8 to 10 $100.00 to first 100 qualified youths.

3. Ages 11 to 13 $100.00 to first 100 qualified youths.

4. Ages 14 to 16 $100.00 to first 100 qualified youths.

5. Ages 17 to 19 $100.00 to first 100 qualified youths.

Contestant Qualifications:

1. Must be between the ages of 5 to 19

2. Must be able to recite all of Psalm 91 by memory. Memorization before Meditation. However, the main focus for the first round is quoting Psalm 91 from memory, without the help of cards, monitors or other memory aids.

3. Submit Video Reciting Psalms 91with certification from Youth Leader or Parent. Video must be 3 minutes or less to qualify. Video will be viewed on YouTube.

4. Youth under the age of 18 must have parent’s permission to participate.

5. Once Youth has made a commitment to participate Youth must write down three prayer requests that they want to see God’s Power manifested: One request for themselves personally; one for their family or friend, and one for our nation.

Prayer requests must be established on God's Promise, His Word. Faith for prayer requests comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God that promises the prayer request.

6. Email to

7. Be willing to Share your testimony with others on how the Psalm 91 Challenge has impacted your life.

8. Contestants may be requested to perform again via Zoom before a panel of judges.



All eligible entries must be submitted prior to midnight July 25, 2021 along with prayer requests. Age group will close out once the limitation of 100 qualified youths per category has been met. Psalm 91 Challenge has a maximum of 500 qualified participants.

The same procedure will be followed for each age group, and the same cash prizes will be awarded to each qualified participant in each age group. The level of difficulty increases with age, and each level of competition. Each level the qualifications become more involved;

Judges will notify all contestant of their winning status within 5 days of submission and provided instructions to compete at Level 2.

Twenty-five contestants from the first 100 qualifiers of the 5 age group category, will be offered the opportunity to compete in level 2 of psalm 91 challenge. The 25 winners will be awarded $500 each and provided instructions to compete at Level 3.

Five winners will be chosen from the 25 contestants, 1 from each age group. They will be and awarded $1,000.00 each and provided instruction to compete in the finale round.

The finale five contestants will compete for the finale level and the winner will receive $1,500.00 and awarded The Honor of being the winner of Psalms 91 Challenge with a Hearing Heart for The Word of God

Decisions of the judges and contest promoters are final.

Judges and contest promoters reserve the right to regulate the number of participants in any category when deemed necessary or appropriate.
Any participant under the age of 18 years must provide written permission signed by parent or legal guardian before being allowed to submit video or enter competition.

All materials submitted become property of the contest promoter, and will not be returned. Contest promoters are not responsible for entries or materials that are lost in the mail, failed to upload or otherwise not received.