"Change will come when you do."

Ofc. James Killingsworth and members of Richmond Police Dept. with members of Children Of Light's Real Deal Life Skills Program. 


For over 20 years, the Children Of Light has been dedicated to the positive advancement of today’s inner city youth, their families and the community, at- large. The COL strategically networks and cultivates vital resources, as well as, facilitate relevant programs for youth and young adults. The COL initiatives are focused on improving the human condition.


Unknown to most, Rev, Garry Callis, Sr, has had the pleasure of being Soul Santa for almost 20 years, inspiring joy, hope and laughter to children of all ages from Virginia Beach to Danville. 


The COL connects families, children, schools, community leaders, politicians, churches, law enforcement, non-profits, local businesses and many other other community stakeholders together, serving as a bridge to ensure that the proverbial "right hand knows what the left hand is doing". We understand many of the issues that plague our communities and will continue to serve those on the road to prosperity, self sufficiency and independence.

Rev, Callis with Del. Lamont Bagby at Martin Luther King, Jr Middle School


The Children Of Light Foundation is our non-profit umbrella registered with the IRS as 501(c)(3). There are many organizations, that do great work, in the community. However, there are few that actually have our longevity, connections and success facilitating sustainable programs and advocating for those in need or at-risk. 


Children Of Light member Stephon Callis participates in his 1st community walk with Richmond Police Dept.


The Children Of Light, as an organization, is uniquely positioned to logistically manage  resources and streamline them into the COL cohesive network to better assist those in need. Our outreach includes: workforce development, quality education, afforable housing and economic development for Black, at-risk communities.


Rev. Garry Callis, Sr pictured with Armstrong High School Principal Dr. Willie Bell.


The Children Of Light operates effectively identifying and isolating individual issues within our inner-city communities.